PBS on the Emergent Church

I’ve been doing some reading on the emergent church, and one thing for sure is that…well, it’s more difficult than that to explain…if it can really be explained at all…it’s messier than that…

Anyway, I came across this video by PBS that gives a decent introduction, FYI:


Author: Dan Greenfield

I am an undeserving sinner saved by God's grace through Jesus Christ, a happy husband, proud father of 6 great kids, pastor of Orwell Bible Church, Executive Secretary of the American Council of Christian Churches, and member of the Ohio Bible Fellowship .

3 thoughts on “PBS on the Emergent Church”

  1. Dude, a lot of this just looks like crafting. I’m afraid our church may be going this way, too, based on the number of parties our my wife gets invited to: Candle-Light, scrapbooking, stamping, etc. I guarantee the ladies sit on couches while they buy that stuff, too. And “messy”? I’m so there.

    On the other hand, it’s encouraging to know that my voice matters, even if I’m an idiot.

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