Lord and Savior, True and Kind

While cleaning out a drawer, I came across a small three ring binder that I used during seminary as a journal. Paperclipped to its pages was a photocopy of a hymn by H.C.G. Moule that was always helpful to meditate on and pray:

Lord and Savior, true and kind,
Be the master of my mind;
Bless, and guide, and strengthen still
All the powers of thought and will.

While I ply the scholar’s task,
Jesus Christ, be near, I ask;
Help the memory, clear the brain,
Knowledge still to seek and gain.

Here I train for life’s swift race;
Let me do it in Thy grace:
Here I arm me for life’s fight,
Let me do it in Thy might.

Thou has made me mind and soul;
I for Thee would use the whole:
Thou has died that I might live;
All my powers to Thee I give.

Striving, thinking, learning still,
Let me follow thus Thy will,
Till my whole glad nature be
Trained for duty and for Thee.


One thought on “Lord and Savior, True and Kind

  1. This is my high school anthem.
    I went to a secondary school in Nigeria. It was a Methodist missionary school, Birch Freeman High School. We had to sing this song like a National anthem, I loved it and I still sing it, thirty six years after graduation!.

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