Amish Ordnung

Last fall I concluded the study of What the Bible Teaches About Salvation with an introduction to and overview of what the Amish believe about salvation.

In that lesson I briefly discussed the ordnung. This morning I read this and thought it an interesting and helpful explanation from an Amishman:

This is an interesting example about the nature of Ordnung. It is not so much a set of arbitrary rules and regulations handed down from some authoritative council somewhere, rather it is a set of understandings about expected behavior that is refined and modified by an informal process of practical testing and subtle negotiation. It is a model for a way of life.


Author: Dan Greenfield

I am an undeserving sinner saved by God's grace through Jesus Christ, a happy husband, proud father of 6 great kids, pastor of Orwell Bible Church, Executive Secretary of the American Council of Christian Churches, and member of the Ohio Bible Fellowship .

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