Islamic Day in Ohio…Really?

IDO2013_largeUnbelievable. What’s more, the state of Ohio’s official observance of the influence and contributions of Islam was established in 1987.

Ohio has the dubious honor of being the first state to do so.

This year’s theme is “Sharing Our Common Moral Values.

My amazement is the inconsistency of this (and I probably shouldn’t be amazed). Imagine a “Christianity Day in Ohio,” where the influence and contributions of the Christian faith have the State’s official approval with the governor’s signature. The clamor and howl of the liberal media, the ACLU, and whoever else would be deafening.

2 thoughts on “Islamic Day in Ohio…Really?

  1. I never heard of this until now. Since 1987? The State of Ohio must have slipped that in under the radar. Richard Celeste was the Governor back then, so that would not surprise me. Muslims in the 1980’s were not too welcome back in those days because people were still stinging from what happened in 1979 when radical Islam took over the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran.

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