Sincerity in Ministry

(Commenting on 2 Cor 4:2) The temptation was often yielded to then as now, to put the best apples on top of the barrel, the best strawberries on top of the basket. The Judaizers made a plausible plea and show. Paul, in contrast, grounds his confidence on two reasons. One is his sincerity. His berries are as good at the bottom as at the top.

–A. T. Robertson, The Glory of the Ministry, p. 47.

Your Point of View

The sense of the nearness of God in his own life and ministry is the overmastering conviction of Paul…if Paul is able to find joy in the midst of his misfortunes, he has pointed the way for every preacher of Christ. The secret lies in looking at one’s life from God’s standpoint. But this is possible only “in Christ.”

–A. T. Robertson, The Glory of the Ministry, pp. 41-42.