Real Barns

On this page I’ll post pictures of barns that I or others I know have seen and given me pictures of.

First,the barn most “precious” to me (if a barn can be precious!) is the one I grew up next to, played in as a boy, went sledding down its “hill,”  and did a fair amount of reading and praying in later on in my teen years. It was on my grandparents’ farm. This nice picture of it was taken by my oldest daughter Ashley; she had it framed and gave it to me for father’s day in 2010–

One of the men from our church sent this to me (4/11/11)–

This same barn has some windows that are quite ornate for a barn–

Any ideas on why a farmer would have such decorative windows? 😉



  1. Hey, that barn is around the corner from my house!
    I wonder if the original farmer brought those windows with him from his former house. They seem to be recycled from some previous usage. Good idea for the barn photo page.

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